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Easy to Install "Peel and Stick" Glass Protection for Law Enforcement Vehicles

Already credited with saving the lives of U.S. troops, VehicleGARD currently protects over 5,000 U.S. military vehicles worldwide. And now for the first time, VehicleGARD is readily available for law enforcement vehicles. VehicleGARD's virtually impenetrable glass protection film defends sector and undercover vehicles against terrorism, riot situations and random violence by shielding ordinary glass windows with a cost effective invisible coat of armor. In the unlikely event that the glass breaks, VehicleGARD holds the deadly shards to together protecting occupants from injury as well as denying entry to an assailant. ShatterGARD cuts the film to the exact size of any law enforcement vehicle's windows using the company's patent-pending technology and an exclusive database. The customized film is supplied in kit form, which includes an instructional video and application tools ensuring a proper fit even for a novice. This unique film is optically clear and guaranteed not to yellow or distort over time. Whether in a war zone or a riot situation, VehicleGARD protects those who protect others.

Contact 888-306-7998 or www.vehiclegard.com

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