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Emergency Vehicle Supply Now Carries The T3 Series™ Personal Mobility With New 2008 Innovations

COCONUT CREEK, FL - The T3 Series Personal Mobility vehicle recently launched by T3 Motion Inc. has already responded to field use with two major innovations. Billed as the “The Next Generation Security Tool,” the T3 Series now comes with a thumb switch controller and programmable speed limit setting.

These new innovations give officers complete control and ease-of-use of their vehicle during off-road patrolling. A repositioned controller utilizes a thumb switch to give officers faster fast access to emergency lights, siren, yelp horn and headlights. The controller is situated on the left handlebar of the vehicle and operates similar to a police motorcycle controller. Additionally, the vehicle’s speed can be preprogrammed by either the user or supervisor to respond to specific crowd types. When patrolling a densely populated are, the vehicle can be set to not exceed maximum speeds of 5, 8, 10, or 12 m.p.h. at the low speed setting. T3 Series Personal mobility vehicle also features:

  • Superior Agility: Has zero-degree turning radius with ability  to U-turn inside most elevators due to front-wheel drive, narrow enough (at 34.6 inches) to go through a standard American Disability Act-mandate 36-inch-wide doorway
  • Rapid Response: Officers access speeds up to 25 m.p.h., arrive at location without physical exertion
  • Community Relations: Makes officers appear more approachable by public
  • Commanding Presence: Nine-inch elevated platform provides an excellent vantage point for officers and they, in turn, can be seen above a crowd or parked vehicles; wedge-shaped design is excellent for maneuvering through crowds
  • Integrated Light Package: Fully compliant law enforcement lighting

T3 Series is a three-wheel front-wheel drive standup electric personal mobility vehicle designed and developed as a professional tool to address the needs of law enforcement patrol, campus policing, community policing, airports, military base security, mall security, patrolling of parks and beaches, as well as private security and private industry.

Available now at www.EmergencyVehicleSupply.com

About Emergency Vehicle Supply:
Emergency Vehicle Supply provides a bumper-to-bumper solution for upfitting fleet vehicles and  represents over 40 vehicle equipment manufacturers of over 5,000 vehicle products for emergency response cars, vans and trucks.

The T3 Series can be purchased through Emergency Vehicle Supply. For more information on the T3 Series y, or to order the T3 Series, call 866.880.3871 or email: sales@EmergencyVehicleSupply.com

T3 Motion, Inc. is a California-based company specializing in stand-up, zero gas emission, electric

three-wheeled personal mobility vehicles for the Law Enforcement, Government, and Security sectors.


For more information, contact:

Emergency Vehicle Supply, LLC 4661 Johnson Road, Suite 1 
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Eileen Barbian, Marketing Director
Phone: 954-428-5201
FAX: 954-428-5202
E-mail: ebarbian@emergencyvehiclesupply.com
Website: www.EmergencyVehicleSupply.com

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