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Carbotech Performance Brakes Introduces the 1521 Compound

Carbotech Performance Brakes introduces the 1521, the ultimate in stopping power for your Dodge Charger Cruiser, because braking power matters as much as your engine's power does. Our brake pads are race track proven, with stopping distance shortened by 30% or more vs. your OEM brake pads and three to four times longer brake pad and rotor life. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Every law enforcement or emergency medical services department needs to limit vehicle maintenance and keep vehicles in service longer, to protect and serve their community. Carbotech Performance Brakes helps to achieve this more efficiently and cost effectively than any other brake alternative. In fact, Carbotech brake pads deliver three to four times the mileage of conventional brakes. Additionally, our more refined compound allows rotors to last up to three times longer as compared to other brake pad alternatives.

The Carbotech 1521 brake pad is sweeping the nation as the pad of choice among fleet, law enforcement, and street vehicles. Our innovative compound offers the following advantages:

-Confident stopping power
-Increased overall performance and handling
-Excellent modulation and release characteristics
-Better car control under braking
-Increased brake pad and rotor life—up to
  four times longer than the competition!
-100% Non-corrosive brake dust

The Carbotech Advantage
Friction materials have evolved greatly over time. Carbotech is leading the industry in high performance ceramic based compounds. Friction materials that contain ceramic formulations have become recognized for their desirable blend of traits.  Ceramic based compounds handle higher brake temperatures with less heat fade, and provide faster recovery after the heavy braking.  Another characteristic that makes Carbotech-Ceramic™ materials attractive is the absence of noticeable brake dust.  Carbotech-Ceramic™ compounds produce a light colored dust that is much less noticeable.  On that same note, all Carbotech compounds produce a 100% non-corrosive dust that can be rinsed off easily. Ceramic compounds extend brake pad & rotor life compared to most other semi-metallic compounds, and at the same time they outlast other premium pad materials by a significant margin without compromising pad life, and all around braking performance.

Proven performance
Carbotech delivers outstanding braking, helping you control your Dodge Charger police cruiser and giving you outstanding performance in the toughest, most demanding driving conditions.

“Our Carbotech brake pads have lasted three to four times longer than the factory pads, which have reduced the frequency of brake repair jobs. By increasing the uptime of the cruisers, we are projecting significant annual cost savings.”
Christopher J. Collins
Chief of Police
Willoughby Hills, Ohio

“Since we only do one brake job a year instead of three or four, the cost savings on our fleet of ten cruisers is immense.”
Jerry Bascome
Police Department, Bedford Heights, Ohio

Carbotech™ 1521™:
The Carbotech 1521™ is our high performance street compound that is also our best selling. The 1521 compound is known for its awesome release and modulation, along with unmatched rotor friendliness. 1521™ is a Ceramic based friction material offering minimal rotor damage and non corrosive dust. 1521™ offers outstanding performance, low dusting, and low noise with an excellent initial bite. This compound’s virtually perfect linear torque production provides incredible braking force without ABS intervention. \ 1521™ operating range starts out at ambient and goes up to 900°F. Bobcat 1521™ is suitable for ALL street cars, perfect for your tow vehicle, police cruiser, and has won multiple SCCA Solo 2 and Pro Solo National Championships. The Bobcat 1521™ compound has been found to last three to four times longer than original equipment manufacturer pads you can purchase at a dealership or national retailer. 1521™ compound has also been found to extend the life of your rotors up to 3 times.

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