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PoliceOne Marketing Program Successfully Launches Code 3’s Revolutionary New Emergency Lighting Technology and the New Defender® Lightbar

Integrated marketing platform drives leads and awareness while reinforcing company’s thought leadership position


Code 3, Inc. has been manufacturing complete lines of lighting and sound-based warning products used by professionals in emergency response for more than 30 years. Code 3’s goal is to become the preferred value leader for innovative emergency lighting and warning products. The emergency lighting market has traditionally been highly competitive and the technology used in light bars had not significantly advanced in the past 5 years.  In the fall of 2008, Code 3 developed the Defender® lightbar, featuring their completely revolutionary TriCore technology.


Code 3 had revolutionized emergency lighting by building a light bar that was two-times brighter than existing models, but needed to get the word out to the law enforcement market. Code 3 approached PoliceOne in September of 2008 with a significant challenge: promote the new light bar and build buzz for the official product launch at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference – taking place in less than 45 days.  In addition to a successful launch, the program needed to educate the industry about their new technology’s quantum leap in signal brightness, while driving sales leads and return on investment.  Code 3‘s objectives included the following:

•Quickly generate buzz surrounding the new technology launch within the law enforcement community prior to IACP
•Drive traffic to the Code 3 booth for the unveiling of the new technology
•Broaden reach of the IACP launch beyond just IACP attendees
•Leverage viral marketing and deliver a high volume of information requests and lead generation submissions both before and after the product launch
•Educate the market on both short and long term initiatives with a preliminary emphasis on The Defender® lightbar
•Continue to brand Code 3 as the industry thought leader for innovative emergency lighting and warning products
•Produce return on investment and drive return on investment


PoliceOne quickly built an integrated marketing plan not only to support the IACP launch but also to provide ongoing promotion and brand building for Code 3’s new technology. The plan included: significant promotion across the PoliceOne Network, including exclusive homepage exposure; eBlast announcements; eNewsletter ad placements; product category sponsorships; featured videos on both PoliceOne and BLUtube.com; and both broadly visible and targeted banner ads.

However, to fully maximize the impact of Code 3’s industry-changing technology, PoliceOne went even further by developing a completely dedicated microsite – www.bebrightbesafe.com – to serve as the marketing platform for the launch and ongoing education. First serving as a mechanism for capturing interest requests regarding the new technology launch at IACP, the site then transitioned into a fully functioning TriCore technology resource highlighting The Defender® lightbar. Lead generation forms, product videos, forward to a friend capabilities and all relevant product specifications were featured and frequently updated across the microsite.

Here are the details for both stages of the program:

Pre-IACP Promotion:

PoliceOne Network resources customized for the initial drive to www.bebrightbesafe.com included:

•Synchronized Homepage Ticker block counting down to the exact time of the IACP product announcement
•Featured eNewsletter and eBlast promotion announcing the IACP product launch and call for all information requests
•Custom product demonstration video debuted on www.bebrightbesafe.com simultaneously with a physical product announcement at IACP
•Live officer testimonial video segments posted to the www.bebrightbesafe.com microsite immediately following IACP

Ongoing Promotion:

PoliceOne Network resources were maintained and continuously updated with a constant push of users to the fully functioning microsite, www.bebrightbesafe.com, now including:

•Detailed TriCore technology product information/specifications
•‘Forward to a Friend’ functionality for viral promotion
•Videos - Product Review and Live IACP Testimonials
•Topically relevant industry expert writers and content
•Lead Generation forms


PoliceOne provided Code 3 with the marketing platform needed to quickly and efficiently introduce their revolutionary technology to the law enforcement industry. With more than 150 IACP attendees present at the Code 3 booth for the unveiling of The Defender® and over 2,100 opt-in recipients of the exclusive product video announcement immediately following the reveal, PoliceOne surpassed Code 3’s initial objectives.

Following Code 3’s official Defender® launch at IACP, PoliceOne has continued to generate a high level of interest and inquiries, producing more than 14,000 email announcement clicks to date and more than 100 qualified sales leads, including international reach. Targeted banner placement and sponsoring of product categories serve as the constant tool for educating and emphasizing Code 3’s brand as the emergency lighting and warning products leader, contributing another 5,000 clicks. The custom built microsite, www.bebrightbesafe.com, has sent more than 20,000 visitors from PoliceOne alone and serves as the ongoing resource for TriCore technology.

In just four months, PoliceOne delivered the following results:

• More than 150 live attendees gathered at IACP booth for product launch
• 2,100 online requests for information immediately following IACP live launch
• 14,000 Clicks generated from eNewsletter and Product Announcement eBlasts
• 3,000 Product Category clicks
• 2,000+ Banner Advertisement clicks
• 2,500 Product Video Views
• 100+ Qualified Sales Leads

Client Testimonial:
“To fully maximize the impact of our new technology launch and leap ahead of our competition, we needed to move very quickly to get the word out to law enforcement.  PoliceOne was the only media outlet that could meet our tight timeframe and deliver the level of exposure we needed.  Not only did they exceed expectations in spreading the word, but the custom campaign microsite, www.bebrightbesafe.com, has continued to provide a steady stream of highly qualified leads and ROI long after the initial launch.”

- Kelly Kyriakos, Vice President of Sales, Code 3, Inc.

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