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Lake Charles Police Add DigitalPatroller Cameras

Lake Charles Police Department continues to expand their in-car video program with the addition of 7 more cars, bringing the current total of outfitted vehicles to 97. The process began in March of 2005, when the department first deployed DigitalPatroller cameras inside the patrol cars. Since that time, the incidents of officer complaints and frivolous lawsuits has been significantly reduced, and fewer traffic violations are being disputed.

Digital Safety Technologies in North Carolina develops the DigitalPatroller, which is one of the most widely deployed camera systems in the country. The system includes the in-car DVR, cameras & microphone, a mechanism to transfer the video evidence to a server back at the station, and a comprehensive software suite for managing the evidence at the administrative level. According to Lake Charles, they installed the camera systems to mitigate false claims against officers, and to help resolve traffic disputes.

Lake Charles Police Department plans to continue upgrading until the entire fleet is done. “This will be a real help to the officers in the field, as well as to the city of Lake Charles,” said Regional Sales Manager Chance Waid. “They now have an effective means of capturing and storing video evidence which can grow with the needs of the department.”

About Digital Safety Technologies, Inc.
With over 9,000 systems installed throughout the world, Digital Safety Technologies, Inc. (DST) is one of the largest suppliers of advanced mobile DVR technology for the public safety industry.

Products feature rugged in-car video equipment and flexible recording modes to support mission-critical operations. DST is also widely recognized as the leader in video evidence management software. The company’s headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC house the company’s development, engineering, sales, marketing and support.

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