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WatchGuard’s Market Share Grows to 25%

PLANO, TX — WatchGuard Video, a privately-held law enforcement technology manufacturer, announced today that the company has moved solidly into the number #1 market share position for US sales of digital police in-car video systems. According to WatchGuard, their 2009 revenue is up an additional 15% for the year and their net profit is up 50%, all of this during a period where the industry has declined by an estimated 20% this year.  By the company’s estimate, even with about 20 companies competing in this market, nearly 1 in 4 systems sold in the US today are 3rd Generation WatchGuard DV-1s.

Breakthrough Technology
When the WatchGuard DV-1, a DVD-based digital police in-car video system, was first announced nearly 5 years ago, there was some skepticism in the marketplace as to the viability of a DVD-based solution for the law enforcement industry. Most manufacturers were unwilling to invest the extreme R&D expense required to solve the daunting complication of burning a DVD in a moving vehicle – one of the more complex hurdles to clear for this type of product. “From WatchGuard’s perspective, a Direct-to-DVD solution was clearly the most efficient approach – especially for large police agencies such as state patrols whose geographic territory and sheer officer count made a centralized server solution impractical and astronomically expensive”, said Robert Vanman, CEO and President of WatchGuard Video. “We believed that if we could pull off this technical feat, we would dominate the market – which is what we have done.” WatchGuard’s team of engineers has logged about 80 man-years of engineering into the design of the DV-1. As a result, the WatchGuard DV-1 has become the most popular digital police in-car video system in use today.

Proud to Serve the Best
Some of the largest and most significant agencies in the US are patrons of the WatchGuard DV-1 including the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Texas Highway Patrol (DPS), Illinois State Police, Minnesota State Patrol, Georgia State Police, Kansas Highway Patrol, Louisiana State Police and nearly a dozen additional state agencies. Over three thousand other state, county, and local agencies have chosen the WatchGuard DV-1 as their exclusive in-car video solution as well. “While becoming number one in sales is exciting, we are even more pleased with the extremely high customer satisfaction levels that recent customer satisfaction surveys have demonstrated”, said Vanman.

The Future
 WatchGuard continues to regularly upgrade its product line, and system firmware upgrades are provided free for the life of the product.  In the coming months, WatchGuard is planning to release the much anticipated DV-1 Version 6.0 software that includes the industry’s first “Record-After-the-Fact” functionality.  “Version 6.0 will separate the DV-1 from competing products even further with a feature set that is compelling and simple to use – we believe even more agencies will conclude that the WatchGuard DV-1 is impossible to beat”, says Vanman.

About WatchGuard Video
WatchGuard Video, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is the nation's leading law enforcement provider of digital in-car video systems, and staffs the industry’s largest Research and Development department. The Company's primary product, the WatchGuard DV-1, is a digital police in-car video system that records directly onto DVD-Video discs that play in regular DVD players. It is the only law enforcement product in the world that can create playable DVDs in a moving vehicle in real-time.

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