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ICOP Wins TX State DIR Contract

LENEXA, KS - ICOP Digital, Inc., an industry-leading company engaged in advancing mobile video solutions, today announced that it has been awarded the state contract with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide a cooperative purchasing vehicle for technology products and services for agencies throughout the State of Texas.

Texas is the largest consumer of in-car video recorders in the United States. ICOP has closed many orders in Texas, including an order for a county sheriff's office in South-Central Texas, which purchased 20 units. In addition, a second sheriff's office in the same area, purchased the ICOP Model 20/20®-W units to equip their entire fleet of motorcycles, further validating the Company's solution for motorcycle applications. In the first quarter of 2010 to date, Texas sales for ICOP equipment exceed $189,000, and expected to increase.

This Texas DIR contract supersedes the existing contract through the Texas State Procurement and Support Services (TPASS), which was announced on January 11, 2010, and is broader in scope in that agencies outside of the state can also purchase through this contract via an inter-agency agreement. ICOP is the first, and currently the only, in-car video provider to be included on the Texas DIR contract.

"We are extremely pleased to have this contract with the Texas DIR, the state purchasing entity for technology purchases, and we look forward to expanding our presence in Texas, and other regions as a result of this award," said Dave Owen, Chief Executive Officer at ICOP.

The Texas DIR purchasing contract is available to state, county and local agencies in Texas, and is also available to public education and public entities outside of the State of Texas. Texas DIR specializes in information technology procurement to ensure the very best technological solutions are offered to its participants at a competitive advantage, and is the exclusive authority for IT commodities and services.

The Texas DIR program currently holds more than 600 cooperative purchasing contracts for technology products and services. The program saves customers money in effectively delivering the best price for much needed equipment, and saves them time by eliminating a lengthy, and often cumbersome, bid process.

"The Texas DIR contract enables us to get ICOP products into the hands of current and potential customers in the State of Texas, and across the nation, more quickly by avoiding the bid process," said Bob Bradley, Director of National Sales and Marketing. "We plan to heavily promote this new purchasing convention throughout the State of Texas and outside of Texas. In addition, this also serves as a lead generation tool for ICOP, in that any agency outside of the originating state for this contract agreement can leverage the Texas DIR contract pricing through an inter-agency agreement."

About ICOP Digital, Inc.
ICOP Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICOP) is a leading provider of in-car video / mobile video solutions for Law Enforcement, Military, and Homeland Security markets, worldwide. ICOP solutions help the public and private sectors mitigate risks, reduce losses, and improve security through the live streaming, capture and secure management of high quality video and audio. www.ICOP.com

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