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New ELSAG North America All-in-One License Plate Recognition Camera Provides a Major Break for Police in High Profile Murder

WASHINGTON -- Hours after ELSAG North America announces the newest product in their line of Digital Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems at the 117th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, DC area police report that they have received a major break in the high-profile murder of American University professor Sue Ann Marcum because of the technology.

13 hours after the Montgomery County Police discovered Professor Marcum’s body an alarm from a recently installed All-In-One License Plate Recognition System alerted police that her missing Jeep was in the area. Officers were dispatched to the site of the alarm and apprehended an 18-year-old suspect after a chase.

“Our prayers are with the Marcum family that this major break in the case will lead to the apprehension and conviction of professor Marcum’s murderer,” said ELSAG North America CEO, Mark Windover. “This scenario proves the effectiveness of our license plate recognition systems. We are dedicated to providing the Law Enforcement Community with the best products to assist them in their mission and ability to bring justice to cases like the murder of Professor Sue Ann Marcum.”

The deployment of these new All-In-One cameras are part of a Department of Homeland Security grant providing 31 jurisdictions in the National Capitol Region with $3.2 million for license plate recognition equipment.

About ELSAG North America
ELSAG North America is a Finmeccanica company, a global leader in defense and security solutions, and is dedicated to providing proprietary advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and other innovative imaging technology to North American law enforcement agencies. ELSAG North America leads the market with its Mobile Plate Hunter, the MPH-900™, the most advanced, most accurate license plate reader technology available. ELSAG North America is headquartered in Brewster, NY. For more information about the company and its exciting technology portfolio, visit www.ELSAG.com.

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