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Responder PSE Announces the New, ShockWing Lightbar

Submitted by Michael Netherton

St. Louis, MO – Responder Public Safety Equipment, an online leader in emergency vehicle equipment, announces the new ShockWing rear undercover lightbar for the Chevy Tahoe. The ShockWing is an OEM style rear lightbar that easily mounts to the back glass of the Chevy Tahoe, just below the rear spoiler. This unique no-drill solution provides outstanding warning capabilities with its six synchronized ShockWave warning lights, conveniently mounted on either side of the third brake light. These lights, each consisting of six ultrabright LEDs, are perfectly mounted so as to provide a brilliant signal to the rear of the vehicle, without compromising aesthetics or performance.

Unlike traditional warning lighting mounted inside the vehicle, the ShockWing is unaffected by the dark tint of the rear glass. Even in bright sunlight, the ShockWing is clearly visible. Because of its innovative mounting design, there are no holes to drill, no sticky tape to mar the finish of the vehicle and when it’s time to retire the vehicle, it can be removed and transferred in minutes. For more on the ShockWing, visit http://www.responderpse.com/sw.

In addition to the ShockWing, Responder PSE has also released two more new products, the ShockPlate and the Par36 Fog Light Replacements for the Tahoe.

The ShockPlate license plate warning system for the Chevy Tahoe. This is another innovative solution for adding mid-level warning to the rear of the Tahoe. Most other manufacturers set up their lights to mount vertically. This completely defeats the design of the warning lighting. Most police lights are designed to be mounted horizontally so the light spreads out the sides of the vehicle. When the lights are mounted vertically, the effective warning signal is completely lost. The ShockPlate mounts two ShockWave warning lights, horizontally, on either side of the license plate. Only on small hole, behind the plate, is required for running the 18ga power wire, making installation simple and easy.

The Par36 Fog Light Replacements are direct fit units that bolt directly into the fog light openings in the front bumper of the Tahoe. Each kit comes complete with a full wiring harness and waterproof connectors, making it simple and convenient to add another level of warning to your vehicle. No drilling required.

About Responder PSE

Responder PSE was established in 2007 and has quickly grown to become a worldwide distributor of high quality emergency vehicle equipment. Due to our strength in the marketplace and our reputation for extraordinary customer service, Responder PSE was chosen as the exclusive distributor of these products. We are dedicated to those who serve and protect.

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