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"Boot" Vehicles in Seconds with the Alpha Lock Owned & Patented by Alpha Industries, Inc.

The Alpha Lock is used for Traffic and Parking Enforcement, Collections and Asset Protection. Using the Alpha Lock is a Proven method to Increase your Revenue. Collect Unpaid Parking Tickets and Fines by “ Booting “ with the Alpha Lock – Wheel Lock / Immobilizer. With the current economy and a budget crisis additional revenue can be generated by collecting “ Booting Fees “ as well. The Alpha Lock – is The Next Generation of Wheel Immobilizers. You can now purchase 3 Alpha Locks for the price of 1 of the Old Style Heavy Boots. Increase you revenue…with minimum investment.

The Alpha Lock, Used by the Police, Colleges, Universities and various Government Agencies, may be the strongest Security Wheel Lock - Wheel Boot and Anti Theft device available.

The Alpha Lock, Used by Cities, Municipalities, Maintenance, Public Works, Parks, Forestry, Etc. Designed with ease in mind…this wheel lock can Secure all Cars, Trucks, Trailers, RV’s, Mobil Homes, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, light Airplanes...

The Construction Industry – Uses the Alpha Lock to Secure Towable Construction Equipment such as Generators, Welders, Mixers, Compressors, Light Towers, Signage Boards.. virtually anything on wheels.

With the Alpha Lock you can Secure and Protect virtually any and all vehicles and equipment within seconds.

The Alpha Lock is the only Security Product to be Endorsed and Recommended by the Crime Prevention Program. “ The Alpha Lock - Vehicle Wheel Lock from Alpha Industries Inc. may well be the answer to the theft problems firms have had with all type of vehicle and equipment. In nineteen years, this is the First Product the Construction Industry’s Crime Prevention Program has ever Endorsed and Recommended. The reason is simple – It Works. The Alpha Lock is extremely strong, lightweight, versatile, easy to use and completely secures most vehicles, including 18 – wheelers. Within as little as five seconds, the Alpha Lock is installed directly onto the wheel / tire, Immobilizing the wheel and making it impossible to move the vehicle. Delivery is usually within two weeks.” Said Diana M. Rummel, Executive Director, Crime Prevention Program.

• The 800 Series AL 850 - C KA all units are "keyed alike" have same key code
• AL 800 - all units are "keyed differently"different key codes

• Industrial grade, hardened steel construction
• The lock is pick, drill and freon resistant
• Soft coated arms will not scratch rims
• Compact, easy to use and store, weighing only 9 lbs.
• Bright colors make the Alpha Lock highly visible
• Police and Security labels available
• 6 units per case
• Boot and secure vehicles ranging from golf carts to big rigs

The Alpha Lock Delivers Proven Results At a Fraction of the Cost of our Competition.

To order your Alpha Locks, please call – 310 670.7070 or go to - www.alphalock.com.

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