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WatchGuard Receives Patent on 4RE’s HD Recording Process

WatchGuard Video, the only Police In-Car Video Manufacturer Offering High Definition

Allen, TX, – WatchGuard Video announced today that the US Patent Office has issued the company a patent on the multiple resolution recording process used in the company’s 4RE™ High Definition In-Car Video System. The patent is based on simultaneously recording police video at two different resolutions through a single camera lens, and then selecting which version to keep after the recording event is over.

The First High Definition In-Car Video System
The WatchGuard 4RE™ is the first high definition police in-car video system and the company claims that their multiple resolution recording process enables 4RE to provide much higher image resolution while using less overall data storage than conventional systems.

“When we analyzed the server-based in-car video market, we discovered that most police agencies record at the lowest resolution in order to minimize file sizes and data storage costs” explained Robert Vanman, WatchGuard’s President & CEO. “So we decided to develop a recording system that handled routine events (that do not go to court) differently than the critical events (about 10% of recordings) that stem from arrestable incidents. We simultaneously record all events in both 720p high definition and a lower resolution, and then after the recording is stopped, we automatically determine which resolution to keep based on the event type classification.  Each agency sets up their own list of event classifications and configures which event types they want to keep in high definition.” 

Smaller File Sizes
The company also claims that the files from 4RE’s routine recordings are much smaller than the files from competing products. WatchGuard says that is because 4RE is the first police camera system to utilize Main Profile H.264 compression.  Competing products use Baseline H.264 compression, which makes files 40% larger than 4RE’s at the same resolution and image quality.

Making High Definition Practical
“We believe the reason no other companies offer HD is because without 4RE’s multiple resolution recording process – HD by itself would be very impractical,” continued Robert Vanman. “By eliminating the file size penalty, 4RE provides pristine high definition video for all court-bound video while simultaneously reducing the overall file storage needs and wireless transfer times.”

About WatchGuard Video
Founded in 2002, WatchGuard Video has become the worldwide leader of law enforcement in-car video.  The company designs, manufactures, and services their products in their 65,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Allen, Texas.  The company’s product lines include the DV-1 Direct-to-DVD camera system, the CopVu™ wearable camera system, and the 4RE HD Wireless camera system which eliminates the compromise between video quality and file size.

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