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WatchGuard Video Releases the 1st High Fidelity Wireless Microphone

Allen, TXWatchGuard Video has introduced the first true high fidelity digital wireless microphone for police in-car video systems. It is also the first law enforcement wireless microphone to be designed around a high power industrial radio modem with a fractal antenna instead of cordless telephone technology. This new technology provides range of 1 – 2 miles and near CD audio quality.

Up to 10 Times Longer Range
“Existing digital wireless police microphones have been based on cordless telephone technology,” explained Robert Vanman, President & C.E.O. of WatchGuard Video. “That technology has significant limitations in range and audio quality due to its slow data rate and low power. With the WatchGuard High Fidelity Wireless Microphone, our customers report getting up to 10 times longer range and they can maintain the audio signal through almost any commercial building including hospitals. The audio recordings are also far more lifelike and intelligible because it captures and transmits the digital audio at near CD audio quality instead of the international telephone call audio quality provided by almost every other digital wireless microphone system on the market.”

Uses an iPod Battery
The new WatchGuard High Fidelity Wireless Microphone uses the same Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery used in the iPod classic, so replacement batteries are available at many retailers. The high capacity battery combined with sophisticated power management and a patent pending “Intelligent Standby” mode enables up to 30 hours of talk time or almost a month of standby time on a single charge.

“Some of the other technology we built into this microphone is an automatic gain control which continuously adjusts the microphone
sensitivity based on background noise levels,” explained Thomas Emberson, a senior engineer at WatchGuard Video. “There is a lot of
sophistication in this design. We even utilized a special fractal antenna to help us achieve the record setting range.”

About WatchGuard Video
Founded in 2002, WatchGuard Video is the worldwide leader of law enforcement in-car video. The company designs, manufactures, and services their products in their 65,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Allen, Texas. The company’s product lines include the 4RE High Definition Wireless In-Car Camera system, the DV-1 Direct-to-DVD Camera system, and the CopVu™ Wearable Camera system. For more information visit www.WatchGuardVideo.com.

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