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Whacker Technologies Launches New Line of Vehicle Mounted LED Work Lights

Whacker Technologies introduces a new line of LED work lights designed to provide a wide variety of industry professional with the proper lighting in on and off road conditions.

Whacker Technologies, Inc - Brooklyn, New York  - Whacker Technologies today announced the launch of its new series of LED work lights. Available in two different shapes and wattages, the strongly built frame will serve the area lighting needs of a wide range of emergency and non-emergency professionals.

The new series of work lights are packed with either six or eight powerful 3 watt LEDs incased in an aluminum housing for efficient heat dissipation and are durable in the most demanding work environments including construction and off road equipment application.

“Our new work lights are sleek, yet powerful LEDs are designed for the user to be able to install and use with ease in a wide variety of circumstances. As we launch this new line, we want the professionals using the light to feel that they are using a product that is designed for them, small in size, yet powerful enough to light up a large area,” said Ariel Cohen, Director of Marketing at Whacker Technologies.

Each light comes in either a square or round body style with the option for total power of either 18 or 24 watts per unit.  In addition, each individual unit is available to function as a spot light or a floodlight. With all of the different options, there are a total of eight different work lights in the series. The 18-watt work light offers a total output of 1500 lumen and the 24-watt work light offers a total output of 2000 lumen.  For quick installation each light also comes with vehicle mounting brackets.

The 18-watt work lights in square or round are available for $99.99 and the 24-watt work light in square or round are available for 109.99.  All work lights can be purchased directly from Whacker Technologies or online at Emergency City.

Whacker Technologies, Inc., is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and is the parent company of Whacker Technologies, Police Lightz, and Emergency City. Whacker Technologies manufactures and sells interior and exterior police lighting, sirens and accessories for vehicles of many industries. For more information please visit www.whackerusa.com.

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