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Troy Introduces Innovative Laptop Mount

TROY PRODUCTS now offers a unique laptop mount - the CM-DSL.

The DSL is unique because it has no finger clamps. Instead, we offer a trapezoid-shape sleeve on which a laptop is attached. The sleeve slides into a same-shape mount welded to a stout stainless steel pole. A detente keeps the mount in place, but a key lock secures the laptop to the mount to discourage theft. This unique mounting approach makes it easy to remove and re-install a laptop; it takes only one second!

You can remove the laptop to find a comfortable position to type while still in the car or you can take it out of the car to a remote location to do your work. There are pads on the sleeve to prevent scratching of desk tops. One agency ordered an extra sleeve for each car so that when one officer goes off duty, he slides out his laptop out and the new man slides his computer in.

The computer is secured to the sleeve with either two-way aircraft-grade adhesive or Velcro. (Both items are included in the hardware package.) Use Velcro only if you have to access the bottom of the laptop for a battery, say.

The pole mount is designed to move in many directions. Loosen a single knob and you can pull the mount up and down, pull it toward the driver or passenger, and move the mount in any direction (as if it were mounted on a ball joint). When you find the ideal position and want to lock it in place, simply tighten the knob.

This is an ideal mount for any type of keyboard or laptop, but especially for the new tablet laptops that feature a screen in the lid top. Because you can manipulate the mount in any direction, the DSL is ideal for optimum tablet laptop screen view and access.

For more information, call 1-800-700-8769 or (323) 720-4100, email us at productinfo@troyproducts.com or visit our website at www.TroyProducts.com

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