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Same Lane Fastest from Applied Concepts Inc. (dba Stalker Radar)

The Stalker DSR Police Radar is Now the World’s First Police Radar to Provide the Fastest Target Feature When Operating in the Same Lane Mode

The Stalker DSR now features Fastest Target Tracking when operating in the Same Lane mode. The fastest feature has been available in opposite lane and stationary modes of operation since 1995. The Stalker DSR is the world’s first radar to offer this feature in the same lane mode.

Deceptively Complex

To the casual observer, the addition of fastest speed tracking in the same lane mode doesn’t appear to be a leap in technology over existing radars. In reality, this feature is a major feat of engineering. There are a host of complex and subtle challenges – including harmonics, and double bounced or multi-path signals that the radar must be able to identify and overcome.

The hardware platform for the Stalker DSR was designed from the beginning with this feature in mind. The design of the Stalker DSR includes digital antenna communication, double balanced mixers, and of course directional sensing technology. These advanced techniques are essential in overcoming the challenges of the same lane fastest feature and there are no other radar systems on the market today capable of providing this feature.

Same Lane is the Most Useful Mode for Fastest Tracking

Officers who operate radar on the interstate will agree – when operating in the same lane mode the vehicle they most often want to measure is rarely the vehicle closest to the patrol car. With the new fastest same lane feature, officers can now track that elusive fastest car approaching the patrol car from the rear. The Stalker DSR gives complete flexibility to measure both the Strongest and the Fastest vehicles in all four locations; front opposite lane, front same lane, rear opposite lane, and rear same lane. Never before has this been possible. p> About Stalker Radar

Applied Concepts, Inc. (dba Stalker Radar) is the nation's leading manufacturer of speed radar. Stalker Radar manufactures speed measurement equipment for law enforcement, sports and industrial testing. Stalker Radar is keenly aware that it takes more than just great products to be successful, it requires being able to offer these products at affordable pricing and backing them with professional and responsive service. When you have the need to measure speed, Stalker Radar is your best solution.

For more information on Stalker Radar, visit www.StalkerRadar.com or call 1-800-STALKER.

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