Troy Products Announces Custom Trunk Organizer for Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Working together with Buck Fortner of Dallas County Sheriff in Texas, TROY PRODUCTS has developed for a sale a custom trunk organizer for Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. The steel trunk organizer is designed to fit perfectly inside the Crown Vic trunk well.

One of the custom design features of the trunk organizer is a partitioned area for fitting the spare tire in a vertical position. Not only does this allow for more mounting space on the trunk shelf, but it makes it easier and quicker for a person to remove the tire from the vehicle. (A feature that some officers will appreciate.)

Other partitioned areas were designed to specifically fit equipment like fire extinguishers and flares, items that if left to roll around in larger areas of a trunk organizer or, worse, just left inside of a trunk can cause serious damage in the event of a collision or just routine driving on bumpy roads.

Recently, one of this agency's Crown Vics outfitted with the special trunk organizer was recently involved in a 65 mph rear-end collision. To Mr. Fortner's surprise and delight, there was no gas tank explosion; in fact, there was no contact with the gas tank.

Buck Fortner, Fleet Administrator for Dallas Co. Sheriff's department, says, "Even though the trunk organizer was designed to better organize our equipment, we feel that during the collision it deflected damage to the gas tank and also acted as a crumple zone."

To find out more about this trunk organizer or about its performance during the collision, please call TROY PRODUCTS at (800) 700-8769. Also visit the Truck organization section of

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