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Stalker Radar Announces the Stalker DSR 2X

For Immediate Release

The Next Generation in Law Enforcement Direction Sensing Radar

Staker Radar DSR 2X Stalker Radar's DSR 2X includes a Rear Traffic Alert, a proprietary new feature of the 2X, is designed to warn the patrol officer of rapidly overtaking same-lane traffic. Rear Traffic Alert is active when the patrol vehicle is most vulnerable to rear-end collisions--pulling into traffic from a standing start. If the 2X senses a rapidly approaching vehicle within adjustable speed parameters, it prompts the officer with a distinctive alert tone and displays "Alert" in the strong and fast windows.

Rear Traffic Alert is only available on the 2X and is a patent pending Stalker technology.

4 Target Zones in Stationary Mode; and 2 Target Zones in Moving Mode
Conventional moving radar can only monitor traffic in one Target Zone. Now, with the introduction of the Stalker DSR 2X, two moving Target Zones or all four stationary Target Zones can be monitored simultaneously. Stalker DSR 2X is actually two independent radar units operating on a single display. In moving mode, two Target Zones can be simultaneously monitored – one front Target Zone and one rear Target Zone. In stationary mode, all four Target Zones can be simultaneously monitored. The direction arrows indicate target direction for both the front and the rear display windows. Or, if desired, only one front Target Zone and one rear Target Zone can be simultaneously monitored.

View the Strongest and Fastest Targets Simultaneously
By displaying both strongest and fastest targets simultaneously, the Stalker DSR can monitor faster vehicles passing larger vehicles and display the speed of both targets simultaneously. The Stalker DSR utilizes three colors (red, amber, and green) to differentiate between the strongest, fastest, and patrol speeds.

Small Display / Counting Unit
The compact display and counting unit is small enough to be mounted almost anywhere. If an even smaller unit is desired, the display / counting unit can be separated and then just the display can be mounted on the dash.

Waterproof Ka Band Antennas
The Stalker DSR 2X includes two O-ring sealed, ultra-high frequency, Ka band antennas. These compact, completely waterproof antennas utilize locking, waterproof connectors and can be exterior mounted with no reliability concerns.

The Best Performance in the Industry
To maximize performance and range - the Stalker DSR 2X utilizes the most sophisticated microwave system in the industry, extensive noise and interference rejection methods, and the most advanced signal processing. The result is the highest performance police radar on the market. This amazing performance means you can monitor vehicles at greater distances, which results in a superior tracking history and better target identification.

For more information on the DSR 2X or other Stalker radars, please visit: www.stalkerradar.com


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