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Whelen Introduces the Delta Independence Lightbar: First of the Delta Series

Whelen Lightbars Chester, CT - Whelen Engineering has rolled out a sleek, new multi-level lightbar designed to showcase all the latest lighting technologies. Delta Independence, the first of the Series, features halogen rotating light for primary warning with halogen and LED auxiliary warning. With two to five rotating halogen modules plus diamond mirrors, Independence displays plenty of flash activity while still allowing options like halogen oscillators, take down and alley lights and a built-in lower level Super-LED Traffic Advisor. Rotating halogen modules feature precision double ball bearing design for quiet long life and superior performance, plus standard, off-the-shelf bulbs. Delta Independence lightbars are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to operate with knockout warning capability.

Height from base to top of dome is approximately 5.5" and standard lengths range from 44" to 56". Custom lengths are available.

For more information on the Delta Independence or other products from Whelen, please visit www.Whelen.com or call 860-526-9504.

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