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Kustom Signals Announces Digital Eyewitness NXT In-Car Video System

Kustom's Digital Eyewitness NXT Lenexa, KS - Kustom Signals' new Digital Eyewitness NXT is the next generation of digital in-car video. The NXT was designed with the flexibility to accommodate virtually any configuration, allowing customers to custom design their system with the features and options that work for their needs today, but as their needs change, the NXT can be upgraded to support them.

The system uses an open architecture design to allow users to integrate almost anything that can be imagined. It features serial ports, USB 2.0 ports and VGA, keyboard and mouse ports. Just a few of the capabilities supported are the integration of a mobile data computer, allowing the computer to control the system and act as its monitor; the ability to stream video wirelessly to and from the car; and the ability to send and receive still images wirelessly, such as suspect or Amber Alert pictures.

The NXT offers three industry-standard compression standards: MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4. The compression is user-selectable, so it can easily be changed even after the systems are installed. For each compression standard, the NXT offers the flexibility of three recording rates, Good/Better/Best, offering you even more control over the video quality/storage relationship. The higher the quality of the video, the more media storage required. Regardless of the compression scheme and recording rate selected, all NXT files include a watermark for verifying file authenticity.

The Digital Eyewitness NXT offers wireless or hard-wired media transfer. These options save officers and/or supervisors the duty of carrying media into the station and avoid defense attorney speculation about improper media handling. The hard-wired file transfer involves connecting a LAN cable to the in-car system while parked in a designated download location. At the end of a shift, the officer connects a Gigabyte ethernet cable to the car and the files transfer automatically. Wireless transfer begins automatically as soon as the patrol car pulls into the station parking lot.

Digital Eyewitness offers two media storage options, hard drive and DVD-RAM. Both media can be removed for manual file transfer or can be left in the car permanently for automated file transfer. The DVD-RAM option incorporates a DVD-RAM drive and the hard drive option incorporates a 2.5" laptop-grade hard drive, both designed for demanding patrol car conditions.

As with the Digital Eyewitness, the NXT features pre-event recording to automatically capture up to three minutes of video before the recorder is activated. If an officer witnesses a suspect's vehicle crossing the center line or running a red light before the recorder is activated, this video evidence is automatically captured and recorded.

The overhead console of the NXT is identical to the original Digital Eyewitness. It also offers the option of mounting the monitor and controller separately or the choice of an integrated overhead console that includes a fold-down, swivel monitor. The overhead console includes two courtesy lights and an optional black and white rear-seat facing camera. The rear camera along with the optional in-car mic can covertly record evidence while suspects are detained in the vehicle.

For nearly 40 years, Kustom Signals, Inc. has been a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of in-car video, radar, laser, and speed monitoring/message sign trailers.

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