How can you make a Crown Vic more "Snow worthy"?

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How can you make a Crown Vic more "Snow worthy"?

As Constables, we have to purchase our own vehicle. Nothing is provided. I have a 4wd SUV, but most of my colleages drive Crown Vics. Crown Vics are not well suited for snow. I advised one guy to put a couple hundred pounds of sand bags under the bins he keeps in the trunk and to get another set of rims and have snow tires mounted on them and just get his rims swapped out before winter and again in the spring. Are there any other tips to make the P71 more snow worthy? Like the Police, we can't just stop working because it's snowing. Besides, thats also a good day to catch people at home. Of course I am not advocating driving around in horrible driving conditions or during state of emergency.

Posted by TURNz
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 11:55 AM Pacific


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