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TruckVault™ Announces Safe Firearms Storage for LE Vehicles

TruckVault's Gun Storage for the Explorer Safe and secure storage of demonstration firearms is the ultimate concern for law enforcement training officers.

TruckVault™ has developed safe and secure vaults for the Ford Explorer and other patrol vehicles.

The custom Ford Explorer unit shown provides extra long stacked drawers for rifles and shotguns on the left and an exceptionally large drawer for handguns.

Their custom dead bolt combination locks on all drawers allow for "no hassle" keyless access.

The layout of this vault allows for access to a pair of large volume storage drawers with just the back hatch window open. The remaining cargo storage can be easily accessed due to the raised top of the vault below. The long drawers are possible by efficiently using a portion of the passenger seating area, leaving a full 60% available for seating.

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