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Photos: Fla. police put 4 new squad car designs to a vote

Take a look at what they've come up with and tell us what you think

By PoliceOne Staff

OCALA, Fla. — A Fla. community is being given the chance to decide how their city's patrol cars look.

Chief Greg Graham, wanting to change the design of their squad cars from blue and white to a more traditional black and white, decided  to make it a community project.  Local businesses partnered with four teams of two officers representing different departments within OPD to create the designs over a two-month period.

Now the community will vote by email or Facebook on the squad cars, which have carried the same look for 29 years. They  will be displayed for the month at a farmer’s market and other events around town. 

What's your favorite? Share your thoughts in the member comments below.

Vehicle 1: Designed by Agent Jose Gonzales and Officer Nigel Hardy

Vehicle 2: Designed by Sergeant Andy Scroble and Officer Patty Mraz

Vehicle 3: Designed by Sergeant Frank Zadnik and Detective Steve Thibodeau

Vehicle 4: Designed by Officers Mark Crandall and Jimmy Pitman

Which cruiser do you think should replace the old design?

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