Old ambulance becomes police 'special response' vehicle

The department recently purchased the vehicle for $5,000 from the township's Fire Department

By Doug Staley
The Independent

PERRY TWP, Ohio — An old ambulance has a new paint job and a new use.

The Police Department recently converted a retired ambulance into a special-response vehicle that can be used as a command post to process crime scenes and provide security at community events, according to Police Chief Michael Pomesky.

“It allows us to do what we need to do, but we’re able to take it out on wheels. It’s a resource we might not use every day but when the times comes it could be one of those resources you need for officers and detectives to function effectively,” Pomesky said.

The department recently purchased the vehicle for $5,000 from the township’s Fire Department, which had put the vehicle out of service, Pomesky said.

The paint job was donated by Waikem Auto Group officials.

“It’s good for the township. We appreciate what they do for us,” said co-owner Dave Waikem. “Our guys volunteered their time.”

In addition to processing crime scenes, the department also plans to showcase the vehicle at community events, such as high school football games, and offer child identification kits, Pomesky said.

The vehicle was outfitted with existing equipment, including radios, rechargeable flashlights, a video camera and a generator seized in a marijuana bust, so the cost of the project was minimal, Pomesky said.

“Aside from the paint job, most of the other work was done by the township mechanics,” Pomesky said.

Pomesky noted officers will be able to use laptops from their cruisers inside the special response vehicle, enabling them to file reports and run criminal background checks.

“It’s a nice environment for our officers to come back and work in,” Pomesky said.

Reprinted with permission of The Independent

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