Girard, OH officer heroics caught on the Blue Line Innovations' Warrior 360 Body Cam

Body Cam Video - Girard, OH Officer Saves 8 People From a Burning Building

Heroic efforts of a Girard, OH police officer save 8 people from a burning building caught on the Blue Line Innovations' Warrior 360 Body Cam. This officer's bravery exemplify everything an officer is; Courage, Bravery, Selfless Serving, Character, Honor, Hope, Caring... He, his family, and his agency should be very proud. It's officers like this that the world needs. (Body camera footage captured on the Blue Line Innovations' Warrior 360 Body Cam)

Posted by Blue Line Innovations on Friday, March 15, 2019

GIRARD, OH (WKBN/CNN) - A police officer in Ohio is being hailed as a hero for his quick thinking that helped eight people, including five children, escape a burning building.

Officials say a fire started Saturday night outside a Girard, OH, duplex that housed two families.

Patrolman Mathew Jamison was driving by and became the first emergency responder on scene. The officer entered the burning building, alerted the residents – three adults and five children – and made sure they all got out safely.

In Jamison’s body camera footage, flames can be seen as the officer turns a corner in the upstairs apartment. He asks if all the kids have left then reassures one of them as he ushers him downstairs.

"So, he was instrumental in saving the lives of, I believe, those children because at that point, with the smoke banking down, it doesn't take long,” said Luke Grunder, president of the Local 1220 branch of the International Association of Fire Fighters union.

Officials say while no one was injured in the fire, the building was a total loss. American Red Cross is helping the two displaced families.

Firefighters returned to the scene Monday in order to check out the area where it’s believed the fire started. They are unsure of the cause.

"Fire’s still under investigation. They’re not sure if it started on the exterior rear left corner or started in the siding,” Grunder said.

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