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ArmorWorks Receives Two SBIR Grants

Army Funds Research to Develop New Armor and Improve Test Method

CHANDLER, AZ--ArmorWorks Enterprises, LLC, a leading provider of advanced survivability products, announced today that the United States Army has selected two of ArmorWorks' scientists to develop life saving systems under the U.S. Army's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

The first SBIR was granted to Dr. Ken-An Lou, ArmorWorks' chief scientist. Dr. Lou will develop laboratory test procedures for evaluating vehicle armor protection subject to land mines and other explosive devices. Accurate evaluation of blast loading effects on vehicle materials and structures is currently difficult to achieve due to diverse field conditions and excessive cost of conducting tests in the field. The aim of Dr. Lou's research will be to establish effective and consistent laboratory test procedures for vehicle protection systems.

The second SBIR was granted to Dr. Marianne Wilhelm, ArmorWorks' senior research engineer. The aim of Dr. Wilhelm's research will be to develop an effective knee and elbow armor system. Current elbow and knee systems inhibit range of motion and provide inadequate ballistic protection. Dr. Wilhelm's goal is to develop lighter and stronger ballistic protection, while increasing ease and range of motion.

"We are honored that the U.S. Army has recognized our research team with these SBIR grants," stated Bill Perciballi, president and founder of ArmorWorks. "Our focus will always be on protecting the soldier."

About ArmorWorks
Founded in 1996, ArmorWorks is a leading provider of advanced survivability products to military and enforcement agencies worldwide. ArmorWorks develops and produces advanced armor and survivability products using high-tech materials to provide state-of-the-art protection. The company's ShockRide™ subsidiary provides energy attenuating seating systems that are U.S. Government tested and approved to protect troops exposed to mine blasts. For more information, visit www.armorworks.com.

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