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TerraHawk, LLC. Develops the Next Level of Technology in Mobile Surveillance

The next level of technology in mobile surveillance has been developed by Dallas-based, TerraHawk, LLC.

Designed for ease of deployment in emergency or crowd control surveillance situations, the M.U.S.T. (Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower), is currently being previewed by numerous Texas Border Sheriff’s Departments, United States Border Patrol Officials and major United States Police Departments as well as private corporations that have an expectation to make their property or customers safe.

The agencies, seeking to improve on domestic security efforts, have already recognized the benefits of an elevated surveillance post.  But technology to combine mobile rapid response has not been available in the marketplace until the invention of the patent-pending M.U.S.T. Technology.

The M.U.S.T. uses its own vehicle to deploy an elevated tower and climate controlled capsule to an eye level height of over 25 feet.  The vehicle can be fully deployed by one person at any location in less than two minutes without leaving the vehicle.  The vehicle is equipped with a 4-point automatic self-leveling hydraulic stabilization system.   An on-board Programmable Logic Controller operates the scissor mechanism, the electro-hydraulic stabilizers and a series of safety and security lock-out features.

The observation capsule provides a working platform for a variety of surveillance devices such as digital and/or thermal imaging camera systems, computers, communications or radio equipment.  The capsule easily accommodates two persons with an elevated line of sight which facilitates improved crowd control management and acts as a ground force multiplier.

M.U.S.T. technology, designed and perfected by professional engineers, has been thoroughly field tested by various law enforcement agencies that are applauding the combination of innovative automotive technology, rapid response and the practicality of a mobile, all-terrain surveillance unit.

For more information on TerraHawk, LLC, visit http://terrahawkllc.com

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