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Jackson County, Georgia Sheriff's Office Saves Money in 2009 with Propane Fuel Conversions

In an effort to reduce fuel expense and incorporate alternative fuel vehicles into the county's fleet, Jackson County Sheriff's Office began converting their Police Interceptors in March 2009. According to Sheriff Stan Evans, "We are pleased with the overall savings these vehicles have provided. Not only are they cleaner for the environment, but they have helped us reduce fuel expenses in a time when budgets are tight." Evans added, "We have even been able to reduce our service expense because the higher octane means the vehicle runs cleaner and does not require as many oil changes."

Force 911 provided the hybrid propane fuel conversions which installs a separate propane fuel system on the vehicle without modifying the factory engine. Wayne Abbs, President of Force 911 said, "We are excited that law enforcement departments are starting to embrace the technology. Jackson County's use of propane conversions for their Police Interceptors has demonstrated that departments can reduce their fuel expense by converting to propane auto-gas." Mr. Abbs also commented, "Performance is top priority for law enforcement agencies. Propane is produced domestically, saves money and provides a powerful vehicle for pursuit situations."

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Alternative and Advanced Fuels web page, http://www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/fuels/propane_alternative.html, propane "is the most commonly used alternative transportation fuel and the third most used vehicle fuel, behind gasoline and diesel."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office plans to convert an additional 20 Police Interceptors to bi-fuel propane vehicles in 2010.

About Jackson County, Georgia
Jackson County, Georgia, is located in the northeast section of Georgia and is one of the fastest growing counties in the country since the late 1990s. With convenient access to I-85, Jackson County's economy has experienced consistent growth in the manufacturing and service industries. Jackson County has moved the forefront of the poultry industry and also has a significant segment of the beef cattle market.

About Force 911
Force 911 is a complete source for law enforcement and public service vehicles, providing outfitting for various law enforcement and government agencies. Force 911 offers equipment installation, K9 transport units, hybrid propane vehicle conversions, department graphics and other services. Located in Pendergrass, Georgia, Force 911 is your single point of contact from vehicle design to delivery. For more information about Force 911, please visit www.force911.com or call 678-919-7911.

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