TerraHawk’s M.U.S.T. Unit Assists Officers with Monitoring of Super Bowl XLV

The Dallas Police Department had some surveillance assistance monitoring Super Bowl XLV parties and activities in and around Dallas during Superbowl weekend.

Dallas-based TerraHawk, LLC , at the request of Dallas Police, provided their M.U.S.T. unit, outfitted with the latest thermal and digital recording devices, to monitor and patrol various activities and parties slated for the downtown area.

Designed for ease of deployment during crowd control or emergency situations, TerraHawk’s M.U.S.T. (mobile utility surveillance tower) allows occupants a 360 degree view of crowds from a 25-foot elevated platform.

The elevated vantage point of the surveillance module, which also serves as a command center, allows DPD the ability to dispatch ground forces to security threats while monitoring and recording situations for evidence retention.

Because the mobile rapid response unit is capable of quickly moving with changing situations, police agencies across the nation have found the two-minute deployment of the M.U.S.T. more convenient and easier to use than other trailer-mounted towers. With winter weather affecting traffic mobility in the Dallas area, the four wheel drive capability of the M.U.S.T. unit is proving to be another practical asset for Dallas officers to use during Super Bowl XLV.

TerraHawk, LLC is the only company in the United States owning a patent to manufacture a vehicle for deploying a surveillance module.

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