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Emergency Vehicle Supply Launches New Site With Bumper-To-Bumper Solutions For Emergency Vehicles

Coral Spring, FL – Emergency Vehicle Supply, South Florida’s fleet vehicle specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of its new e-commerce site, emergencyvehiclesupply.com. The site offers qualified fleet vehicle customers point-of-purchase convenience with well-known brands of products engineered for compliant fleet vehicle use.

By assimilating and categorizing over 2,000 emergency vehicle supplies into one easy-to-navigate site, the EVS web store provides fleet managers and emergency vehicle drivers a clear-cut solution to outfitting their vehicles. Site visitors can access items either by manufacturer—over 20 well-known brands are represented—or by product. Unlike similar web stores offering only a handful of popular product, Emergency Vehicle Supply’s powerful e-commerce engine provides entire part inventories for individual brands, and includes the original manufacturer part number, making it easier for purchasers who only have a part number to go by. Additionally, by identifying original part numbers, the site increases ordering accuracy and allows the visitor to further research the item at the manufacturer’s site.

The new EVS site also features a news link page that allows visitors to navigate directly to a manufacturer’s product news and press-release site pages. These links often feature new product launches, examples of products being used in the field, and information about upcoming industry events.

Robert Windesheim, owner and operator of Emergency Vehicle Supply shares his vision for a more efficient way to handle fleet vehicle supply purchases and part replacements. “Everybody wants to do twice as much in half the time. Electronic communication lets you do the research, make the decision, and get the job done. The EVS supply site is a natural evolution. I think it’s really going to help the officers, emergency equipment operators, anyone dealing with fleet vehicles, save time—after all, they have more important jobs to do. We want them safe, on the job, with properly working equipment at hand.”

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