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IACP 2012 video interview: T3 Motion

Vehicle's elevation signals to people that you're present and prepared to respond

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to our friends at TASER International for equipping me with the TASER AXON Flex body-worn video camera and Evidence.com digital evidence management solution for secure video storage and retrieval.

During IACP 2012 in San Diego, I visited briefly with Noel Cherowbrier of T3 Motion  to learn more about the many advantages afforded to police agencies choosing to augment the patrol mix with the addition of one or more personal mobility vehicles.

Given the recent spike in gas prices (let’s face it, the days of the dollar-fifty gallon are gone forever) and the continuing emphasis being placed on community policing efforts (and federal grant money to support it), these vehicles make a lot of sense. 

The efficiency, versatility, and portability of these vehicles are pretty astounding, and there are some hidden benefits one might not consider as well.

For example, the 8-inch elevation change you have when standing atop one of these things not only enhances your own situational awareness, but also signals to people many feet away from you that you’re present and prepared to respond. 

Check out the video below.

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