LDV Mobile Command Center Stars with Denzel Washington in Spike Lee's INSIDE MAN

Film is #1 at the Box Office, grossing over $29 million in opening weekend

Spike Lee's Inside Man, a new film that debuted Friday across the country, features an LDV Mobile Command Center throughout the motion picture.

The LDV Mobile Command Center arrives on the crime scene just minutes into the movie, and much of the hostage negotiation is coordinated from inside or near the Mobile Command Center, adorned with graphics to look like an actual NYPD vehicle. Universal Studios built a set based on the layout of this LDV model.

"This has been quite an exciting experience for LDV," said David Krause, President. "Our employees take great pride in the work we do, and to see one of our vehicles on the big screen is truly an honor. It's also important for the public to see the types of incidents these sophisticated vehicles respond to on a daily basis all across the country."

"Inside Man," directed by Spike Lee, is the story of a tough cop, Detective Frazier who is played by Denzel Washington. Frazier matches wits with a clever bank robber named Dalton (played by Clive Owen), who takes several bank patrons hostage in pursuit of the "perfect robbery." This psychological thriller takes an interesting turn when Madeline White, played by Jodie Foster, enters the plot with a hidden agenda. Set in New York City, the film depicts an actual NYPD Mobile Command Center similar to the many vehicles LDV has built for the department.

This film opened across the country on March 24, but LDV arranged for a pre-screening event for its employees at the local theater in Burlington, WI, on March 22.

This is not the first time LDV Special Service Vehicles have been highlighted in video. LDV products have appeared on the History Channel's "Modern Marvels" series; a segment on Court TV; Fox's drama "Prison Break"; and several news media outlets such as CNN. LDV has also appeared on German television as part of their "Wonderworld of Knowledge" series.

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