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LDV Well Represented at Mobile Command Rally

Chantilly, VA - The Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy hosted a Communications Rally June 16. Forty-three command, communication and specialty vehicles representing federal, state and local public safety agencies were on display and operational at the rally. LDV manufactured nearly half of the 30 Mobile Command Centers.

Organized by the Fairfax County Department of Information Technology, the event was designed to provide owner/operators of mobile and transportable communications interoperability solutions the opportunity to test and train on their equipment, increase operating proficiency and share best practices and ideas.

"It helped to create awareness among government officials, public safety command staff, supporting consultants, and interoperability end users about solutions available," said James Wadsworth, Manager of the Radio Services Center for the Fairfax County Department of Information technology. "Everyone learned how the communications equipment can be assessed and leveraged to support their mission requirements."

Wadsworth also hoped the event would dispel the belief that public safety agencies in the National Capitol Region still cannot talk with each other "despite the lessons of September 11, and the funds expended since then."

Participation in the rally was limited to equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineers and technical staff who were capable of training, testing and maintaining their interoperability solutions. Equipment operation clinics were provided with three training objectives: train the operators on the equipment; educate senior staff; and train engineers/technicians so that they can quickly set up communications assets.

Colonel David Franklin of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police attended with their new Mobile Command Center recently delivered by LDV.

"We immensely enjoyed the opportunity to see various technologies utilized in various command trucks," Franklin said, "But more importantly it provided us with an opportunity to learn from others how to properly use various systems that provide interoperability."

Franklin was especially pleased with the ability to network with other users. This experience provided attendees with some critical contacts to help all agencies respond to critical incidents in Maryland and the surrounding area.

"I cannot wait until the command rally again next year," he said. "It was more than a show; it was a learning experience for us!"

At 11:00 am a role call was held and every unit responded! It was demonstrated that every unit could communicate by following the incident command structure and establish universal communications. Even command centers that didn't have 800 MHz radios could easily become part of the conversation through gateways or through provided radios. A video link from the Fairfax County Police Departments' helicopter demonstrated how it could easily capture video at Arlington County FRS MCU, and send it through a satellite and back down to their EOC located 25 miles away in near real time.

This was the second communications vehicle rally and a third is being planned for next spring.

The single-source leader in customized mobile solutions since 1977, LDV Inc. provides special service vehicles, mobile tool stores and other specialized interiors for a variety of customers. LDV's mission is to engage in partnerships to serve customers as consultants, designers and manufacturers of customer-driven mobile solutions. LDV's manufacturing capabilities include on-site metal fabrication, custom interiors, graphics, HVAC and wiring experts, and all critical pieces of the manufacturing process. LDV, Inc. is based in Burlington, WI.

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