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Pennsylvania Arms Itself Against Disasters

Section 1122 Program provides funding for PA's mobile command trailers

Through a program established for law enforcement, the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner and Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) has placed an order for five mobile command trailers with Mobile Concepts by Scotty.
The section 1122 program refers to the section of the federal government's National Defense Authorization Act created in 1994 to allow state and local governments to purchase new law enforcement equipment for counter drug activities at the federal government's reduced rates. Recent amendments have made the program available to first responders to include disaster response.

"The 1122 program was designed to save money.  It maximizes purchasing power by offering discounted rates for state and local government and agencies seeking the lowest price possible;  thus,  far saving the taxpayers millions of dollars," explained Alfred Dean, Pennsylvania 1122 program coordinator.
These 35 foot length command vehicles arm the Commonwealth with the ability to respond to natural or man-made disasters. The command vehicles will be dispatched to incidents across the state.
The Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner's Office is in charge of meeting the needs of the Commonwealth's fire and emergency service communities including PEMA, so they utilized section 1122 to not only help serve the state but also save taxpayers money.
Check with your state point of contact (SPOC) to see if your state participates in this program. To date, 46 states participate in section 1122. For a SPOC, visit www.gsa.gov/1122program

Mobile Concepts has specialized in designing and manufacturing specialty commercial vehicles since 1956 and continues to expand its product line to better serve the public safety sector.


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