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Dangerous materials controlled better by Charleston AFB

Mount Pleasant, PA - Whether being transported or already present, hazardous materials pose a threat to first responders and victims during an emergency. Charleston Air Force Base has tackled that threat by arming itself with a vehicle to safely mitigate hazmat situations.

The base recently took possession of a 32 foot hazmat trailer from Mobile Concepts by Scotty. The trailer will be added to their fleet of first responder vehicles that serve the nearly 3,400-acre military base. The base’s airport, which shares run ways with Charleston International Airport, facilitates commercial and general aircraft operations: some of which are transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

These materials have the potential to harm people, other living organisms, property or the environment if they are spilled or leaked. The hazmat trailer gives first responders the mobility and equipment they need to respond to any situation where ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic substances are present.

Not only will the trailer respond to airport emergencies, but also the vehicle will be put into service for the general well being of the entire base.

Their hazmat trailer was engineered to house an on-board, mobile cascade system for refilling air containers, work space, and lockable storage. The rear ramp cargo door and roll-up side door provide access to air canister racks and the cascade system.

Mobile Concepts has the ability to modify its hazmat trailer floor plans to include command and communications areas, decontamination showers and other requirements. They also can obtain supplies need for quick deployment and immediate use: hazmat suits, gloves and shoes; testing equipment, heated decontamination tents among others.

For more information, visit www.mobileconcepts.com.

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