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National Security Asset Commissioned in Wake of President’s State of the Union Address

Mount Pleasant, PA - In the wake of President Obama’s State of the Union address in which he stressed the importance of securing our nation’s borders, a Pittsburgh-area company released a secure high-tech, communications-ready tractor trailer to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to do just that- secure the nation’s borders.

The second of three mobile processing centers for CBP was completed Thursday by specialty vehicle manufacturer Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY.

The 53-foot tractor trailer, which is described as a CBP station on wheels, is equipped with all the same processing capabilities as a normal station and can be deployed anywhere in the nation whether to the northern and southern borders or either coast.

The mobile processing center left the Mobile Concepts factory at mid-night to begin its trek to the Washington, D.C.-area where it will undergo pre-deployment configuration and testing.

In addition to helping CBP agents more quickly process illegal immigrants, this tractor trailer is a nationwide strategic asset providing additional support for other federal agencies in case of emergency or natural disaster.

The equipment and communications capabilities allow the mobile processing center to double as mobile command center.

Mobile Concepts specializes not only in custom fabrication of commercial vehicles and trailers for agencies in government, military, fire, police, healthcare, utility and private enterprise, but also they modify ocean shipping containers and repurpose tractor trailers- much like the project for CBP.

The company has been working nearly around the clock for the past week to meet the Thursday deadline. The first mobile processing center was completed June of last year and was immediately transported to the Fort Belvoir, Virginia-area for equipment installation and then directly to Florida where it was put on stand by for the 2009 hurricane season.

Additionally, it was utilized during the G-20 Summit last summer in Pittsburgh as a mobile command center. This command center was not the only Mobile Concepts-built vehicle present during the G-20.

The company built five mobile command centers for the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association, one of which was used during the G-20.

For more information about the many vehicles Mobile Concepts manufactures, please contact Anne Degre at adegre@mobileconcepts.com or 1-800-783-0213.

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