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Oshkosh Launches Tactical Protector Vehicle™ for Law Enforcement

Tactical law enforcement and homeland defense officers face great risks – for themselves and the citizens they protect. Many of today’s suspects are armed to an unprecedented level with fully automatic weapons and armor-piercing ammunition. Because crime knows no boundaries, conflicts between public enemies and public protectors can potentially occur anywhere, from densely populated urban centers to off-road rural outposts. 

Oshkosh DefenseOshkosh Defense has designed a purpose-built vehicle to meet the tough challenges faced by today’s tactical officers. The Oshkosh Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV) – a high-mobility protected tactical vehicle – offers a high-speed, highly maneuverable mobile shield that can be specifically configured to serve a variety of tactical situations. The vehicle’s profile is subtle yet commanding. Its engineering provides the optimal balance of mobility, protection and payload to meet the most rigorous law-enforcement demands over a wide range of missions. Officers can get in, get around and gain control of any situation.

With armor protection ratings from NIJ Level I to Level IV, the TPV has the capability of stopping multi-hit, armor-piercing ammunition. The high energy absorbing under-body armor, ballistic steel roof and suspended seat systems provide optimum safety and security for vehicle occupants.

The vehicle also has a more compact footprint than vehicles of a similar size and survivability level. The TPV carries up to eight people, and is available with a transport variant payload capacity of 3,650 pounds and a utility variant payload capacity of 4,650 pounds. Its turning circle is less than 42 feet curb-to-curb, and the maximum speed is 75 mph. With selectable four-wheel drive and 13 inches of ground clearance, the TPV can handle the roughest terrain and obstructions.

Exterior options include rear step/grab handles and side boards/hand rails to enable rapid deployment. Additional options include a wide array of exterior lighting, FLIR, ladders, second-story entrance ramps and winches. Interior seating and storage elements also can be specified to meet user requirements.

Oshkosh Defense has unmatched experience in building high-protection, high-performance vehicles for the military, homeland security and law enforcement. The Tactical Protector Vehicle is now available through Oshkosh Defense and select dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Bumper-to-bumper vehicle service is available through any of 59 certified maintenance facilities across the country. For further information about the Tactical Protector Vehicle, contact 920-235-9151, ext. 22815.

Learn more by visiting www.oshkosh-protectorvehicle.com.

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