Tracer Technology Systems Announces the Debut of the Shot Tracer Eagle Gunshot Detection Sensor

Tracer Technology Systems, a global provider of communications technology products introduces Shot Tracer® Eagle, a gunshot/explosion detector that automatically detects gunshots and sends an alert that contains the location of the gunshot to law enforcement and first responders.

“The uniqueness of the product prompted the inventor, Allan Overcast, to secure national, and international patents to protect the hours of research

If multiple gunshots are detected, the sensor can also include the surrounding medical facilities in its emergency alerts with the number of shots detected. Within seconds, alerts are sent and within a minute the scope of the event is known by medical and law enforcement persons.

“I don’t want technology to take lives. I want technology to save lives,” said Allan Overcast, Tracer Technology Systems President and CEO.Overcast also said, “This technology, which does not require an expensive call center to be used, will enable schools and businesses to have an automated shooting alert system installed in case a shooting event takes place.”

Shot Tracer® Eagle is the size of a smoke detector and mounts on the ceiling of a classroom, office or hallway. When a gun shooting event takes place inside schools, or other buildings/offices, Shot Tracer® will send an alert within a matter of seconds over Verizon Wireless cellular, a method that increases reliability and lowers response time.

Tracer Technology Systems is a privately owned technology development company based in Billings Montana that focused on developing technology to save lives.
The company website contains additional product and investment information:

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