10 tips for flashbang deployment

Diversionary devices, like flashbangs, can save lives, but can also jeopardize officer safety if not used properly

Diversionary devices, often referred to as flashbangs, are a critical tool for law enforcement. When used properly, they can save lives, including the lives of criminals. However, if used without proper training and precautions, they can injure and kill.

Follow these 10 tips, summarized from a National Training Concepts course I recently attended, to help ensure safe and successful use of these devices.

1. Look before you deploy!

Even if you remember nothing else from this list, remember this: You must look at the area where you will deploy the device before you place it. Distraction devices are capable of causing grievous injury and, in some extreme cases, death. You have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the area is safe for you to deploy the device before you place it. If you cannot visually verify it is safe, the device should not be used.

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