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Review: The B.U.G.G. Ballistic Under Garment Gear

The below review is from a user of The B.U.G.G.

A description from the B.U.G.G. website:

The BUGG is basically a pair of athletic, compression shorts that will be worn under the police officer’s uniform. The compression shorts have an open ended pocket that is sewn onto the outside. The BUGG also comes with a pair of ballistic pads. These ballistic pads are simply inserted into the outside pocket. The ballistic pads that are inserted into the pockets are comparable to LEVEL IIIA, which is the same threat level as most police officer’s bullet proof vests.

The shorts don’t cover the…um…most sensitive areas. Rather they have panels that cover the quadriceps and protect the femoral arteries.

My only concern is that the panels are “…comprable to Level IIIA…,” which suggests they are not NIJ certified. I suspect that the panels are IIIA panels, but the manufacturer of the BUGG doesn’t have the money to cover the significant cost associated with the current NIJ testing.

It is my understanding that the current NIJ testing guarantees a much “safer” vest, but at the cost of stiffer, heavier materials. Plus the side effect of stricter government controls is development cost increases are leading to only the “big boys” being in the game. Smaller, more innovative companies are being squeezed out due to the regulation.

I’m not sure how long this product has been out, but it certainly offers protection for areas not covered by concealable vests. If it is at least moderately comfortable, it is a winner. The price is $239.

Learn more about The B.U.G.G. by visiting www.nogamesgear.com.  

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