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Blauer and Avon Protection Systems Achieve Critical PPE Certification for US Military and Law Enforcement Market

Boston, MA –  Blauer Manufacturing Company and Avon Protection Systems announce the world's first NFPA 1994 Class 3 certification of Avon's industry-leading FM53 respirator system with Blauer's revolutionary XRT CBRN protective ensemble.  The certification, which was issued by Safety Equipment Institute after months of testing, is a significant development for the law enforcement and military market.  According to Tom Ames, Blauer's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, "Both companies have military and law enforcement customers around the world that have, until now, been forced to choose between Blauer's XRT suit or Avon's FM53 respirator when responding to CBRN incidents due to a lack of compatibility.  By partnering together on this integration effort, our companies are enabling these customers to safely use their preferred PPE products together for improved field performance."

This newly certified ensemble including Blauer's XRT suit and Avon's FM53 respirator offers unique advantages over other CBRN PPE systems. Constructed with durable, breathable GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric engineered by W. L. Gore & Associates, the Blauer XRT suit helps emergency personnel respond faster and stay engaged longer with added confidence. The FM53 mask is Avon’s most technically advanced and offers both positive pressure SCBA, PAPR and negative pressure APR/capability. The multi-functionality of this mask eliminates the need to change components.  Additionally, it’s available in right, left and twin port filter configurations for flexibility in weapons integration.

Blauer Manufacturing is a leading supplier of certified PPE equipment for public safety and military personnel around the world.  This family-owned and operated company has been headquartered in Boston for 75 years.

Avon Protection is the recognized global market leader in respiratory protection system technology. An unrivalled 80 year pedigree in military mask design and manufacture  has placed Avon Protection at the heart of numerous national defense and tactical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) deployment strategies.

For additional information, please contact Tom Ames of Blauer Manufacturing at 617-648-4245 or tames@blauer.com; or Anjan Shah of Avon Protection Systems at 410-273-1170 or anjan.shah@avon-protection.com.

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