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Facebook Forum: 12 classic police pranks

Many don't see harm in making a little misery for a new cop — or an old timer

By PoliceOne Staff

When we asked you on Facebook if officers in your department play pranks on rookies, we had a feeling the answer would be "yes." In some jurisdictions it's not allowed, but many don't see harm in making a little misery for a new cop — or an old timer.

Below is a selection of our favorite responses. We couldn't include them all, so feel free to tell more stories in the Comments section. Just make sure anyone on the receiving end of the fun isn't reading, or they may know what's coming.

1.) "At my old agency they used to send rook to hospital morgue to identify a wanted felon. Had another officer under the sheet to jump up. Told rook weapons aren't allowed inside ('hospital policy') so it was safe because he/she was disarmed." – Jon Reyes

2.) "Fingerprint ink on the inside of their hats." – Chad Adams

3.) "Sending a unit to a barking dog call at the kennels." – Michael Swiger

4.) "The record clerk and I 'discovered' the combo to a car, put glitter in the vents and turned everything on high, faced the vents towards the driver. Since the detectives were in on it they distracted him. Several hours later he finally went to his car and came back in cusssing covered in purple and gold." – Alice McCuen

5.) "I was told to go see the Captain for my first month of service pin. Sitting at his desk, I was informed by him that I had been punked, and I wouldn't receive a pin for another 4 years and 11 months, if I made it that far." – Wayne Lutze

6.) "When at the range we tell them to go to the range master and ask for the brass magnet." – Bryan Markley

7.) "Harmless large zip tie on the driveline under car. Sounds like the cars falling apart, no damage, huge reactions." – Anthony D Troutman

8.) "On Valentine's Day, I sent Care Bears Valentines to all the troopers assigned to our county's main office and signed another officer's name to them all." – Jonathan Daniel

9.) "OC on the TP." – Joe Matthew

10.)  "We called the rookie into chief office the day prior to the end of his probation and gave him termination papers advising he was not gonna cut it." – Trevir Michehl

11.)  "Got sent to a fight and was told to run south on foot. After 15 mins I came back and everyone was gone, including my car. When they came back I was dry stunned on the ass by three of my friends, including my FTO." – Anthony Brunscheen

12.) "It's called their first paycheck." – Stan Heinrich

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