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P1 Photo of the Week: Proper grip helps control recoil

This picture is not photoshopped or touched up at all. It was taken with a high-speed camera, and the officer shown did a demo for the students shooting a Desert Eagle 50 cal on one foot. He showed them how proper body positioning can control the recoil of the gun, while your proper grip controlled the flip of the gun.

Picture of: Officer Marshall Luton, Tulsa Police Department - Trainer at The Defensive Shooting Academy.

Calling all police photographers! PoliceOne needs pictures of you in action or training. Submit a photo - it could be selected as our Photo of the Week! Be sure to include your name, department information and address (including city, state and ZIP code) where we can reach you - Photo of the Week winners now have a chance to win a PoliceOne.com T-shirt!

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