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Woman's death an example for police training video

The department agreed to show the video in a settlement surrounding an accident between an officer and woman

By PoliceOne Staff

HOUSTON — Cadets of the Houston Police Department will watch a video as part of their training that references the death of a woman who was killed by a speeding officer who neglected to turn on his lights and siren in a residential area.

The film is part of a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit that was reached between the family of Estela Medrano, and the department, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Rookie patrolman Kyle Dozier had been traveling at more than 80 mph in a 35 zone to a call when his cruiser crashed with Medrano, 67, and her husband, who spent several weeks in intensive care.

"HPD has agreed to produce a training film narrated by one of my clients' sons which describes the death of his mother, the fact that the officer involved was traveling at a high rate of speed without his lights and siren, that other officers around the country have been involved in similar incidents where citizens have been killed and officers have been killed and outlining for the officers the need to use their lights and sirens where appropriate," said Houston attorney Richard LeGarde.

The video will show images of her before the accident, the crushed vehicle, and her husband recovering from a hospital bed, according to the article.

"It's one of the reasons we wanted an instructional video — to let officers know … if there is traffic, if you are in a residential neighborhood, these are factors you should consider before proceeding without sirens," LaGarde said.

A grand jury declined to indict Dozier, who broke his neck in the 2010 incident. 

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