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Training for 'out of the ordinary' situations

Submitted by PoliceOne Staff

Consider this question: What are you training for? Bet the answers will be things like firearms proficiency, defensive tactics, safe police driving, communications skills, response procedures for a variety of calls, etc., etc.

How about cuffing a one-handed suspect? Or controlling a one-legged suspect who’s kicking wildly in the back of your squad? Or dealing with a deaf suspect who can’t hear your commands? Or a wheelchair-bound subject who you need to control and transport? Or how about a massively obese suspect you need to cuff?

Remember to think creatively and consider even the oddest types of scenarios you may encounter. The more you can be prepared for ahead of time, the better off you’ll be.

Have you encountered an out-of-the-ordinary situation and come up with a creative solution that other officers can learn from? If so, e-mail us at editor@policeone.com

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