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Use your computer to maintain your training

After attending training at the range, on the mat, or in the classroom, how do you keep yourself sharp and mentally prepared until your next training? As PoliceOne’s own Dave Smith talks about in the Street Survival Seminar, use your computer to train for a few minutes every day. Go on BluTube, P1TV, or even YouTube, select a dash cam or critical incident video and watch it as a training event.

Ask yourself “What did the officer do right?” and “What would I have done differently?” Engage your co-workers in a discussion, and then visualize the same scenario in your mind, responding properly and winning the confrontation.

Go to the Officer Down Memorial Page and select one officer’s story every day for roll call — ODMP actually makes roll call books just for this purpose. Tell that officer’s story, discuss what happened and what could have been done to prevent tragedy. One of the best ways to honor our fallen is to remember and to learn. Training doesn’t just occur in a formal setting; you can train every day, every shift, to help keep yourself and your brothers and sisters safe!

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