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"At Blauer Tactical Systems, our focus is specifically on enhancing officer survival during the sudden violent assault against a police officer, SWAT operator or soldier. The 'ambush moment' must be redefined to include any sudden attack where the aggressor has ability and intention and clearly there is jeopardy. This can occur for an officer off-duty, UC, on patrol or at the jail; for the soldier it may be dung a UN peacekeeping mission, during solo recce, TDY or during prisoner handling. The sudden attack can occur anywhere, anytime and requires nothing more than the proverbial window of opportunity for the motivated resister.

All our research and training is geared around protective measures for incident being escalated by the opponent. The SPEAR System is behaviorally based and relies on physiological principles Most important to understand is that the SPEAR System is a conduit or bridge to the DT program or tactics the officer is skilled in. In other words, this isn't a new 'muscle-memory' system; therefore it will not interfere with any prior training or use of force procedure.

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