Smith & Wesson Academy

The Smith & Wesson Academy was established in 1969 to promote and elevate firearms training standards for the law enforcement community.

Licensed as a private school by the Massachusetts Department of Education and ISO9000 registered, the Academy is firmly established, nationally recognized, and enjoys a reputation second to none, while occupying a position as the only private law enforcement training school of its kind.

1985 marked the establishment of our Field School Program. In 1993, we introduced a pilot program for civilians in our Personal Defense program. In 1997 we inaugurated the new Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center.

Our staff consists of:

  • 4 Firearms Instructors
  • 4 Armorer Instructors
  • 3 Administrative staff
  • 5 Adjunct staff in specialty areas
The physical plant consists of:
  • 4 indoor live fire training ranges (2 capable of rifle fire, 100 yards)
  • 1 outdoor range complex (leased)
  • 4 simulation training areas
  • 5 classrooms
  • 1 armorers classroom
We have 44 Law Enforcement course offerings, consisting of:
  • 10 handgun courses
  • 19 instructor certification courses
  • 7 shoulder arm courses
  • 11 "tactical" courses
  • 8 defensive tactics courses
  • 7 armorer courses
  • 2 police cyclist courses
  • 2 tactical medicine courses
  • 10 special subject courses
  • We also develop courses designed to client needs
Our Personal Defense courses include:
  • 9 handgun courses
  • 5 shoulder arm courses
  • 5 specialized courses
  • 4 courses of local interest
We provide a unique service by teaching the user how to effectively handle the product; and then how to service, maintain, and repair the wide variety of models in production. No other manufacturer is able to duplicate this type of service to equal that which is offered at the Smith & Wesson Academy.

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