Video: Coaching gun retention on the ground

Ending up on the ground means a higher chance of being disarmed by an assailant – this video shows officers how to win in this scenario

By Jerrod Hardy, P1 Contributor

For many officers one of their worst nightmares is being unprepared to defend their weapon if taken to the ground by an assailant. This video reviews a highly effective technique to help provide confidence, skill and the proper mindset for an officer to win in this scenario. This technique can be used if the assailant is grabbing your weapon with their same side arm, which is a likely scenario based on body positions and human tendencies. 

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About the author
Jerrod Hardy is a 21-year law enforcement officer and an Air Force veteran. Over his law enforcement career, he has served as a member of the SWAT team, Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer, Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor and Training Academy Coordinator. He recently created and coaches a Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Professionals Certification course to agencies around the country. Contact him at or

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