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Top 5 K-9s you wish were your partner

A relationship between a handler and his K-9 is different from any other police partnership. They come home with you at the end of your shift, and leave with you each morning, and they love and protect you unconditionally. Here are five K-9 officers who deserve special praise for their heroic efforts in the line of duty.

1. Berks County, Pa. K-9 Jynx spotted a gunman dressed in cammo hiding out in a sniper’s nest, and quickly alerted his partner, Deputy Sheriff Kyle D. Pagerly, of the gunman’s whereabouts. Pagerly was mortally wounded in an exchange of gunfire, but his dedicated partner grabbed hold of his pant leg after he fell to the ground and attempted to pull him to safety. Jynx retired after the incident and went to live with Pagerly’s family. 

Kyler Pagerly and his partner Jynx. (Photo courtesy YouTube)

2. Officer Philip Lerza along with two other Pittsburgh police were attacked by a knife-wielding man when K-9 Rocco jumped in and took the brunt of the attack, damaging his spine, kidney, and several muscles. Rocco passed away days later after several operations; the three officers were okay, thanks to Rocco. 

Rocco is salued by his department. (WTAE Image)

3. K-9 Mick of the Portland, Ore. Police had just recently joined the Portland Police Bureau K-9 Unit after completing the extensive training program required to become state certified as a police canine when his training was put to the test. Mick was fatally shot at a traffic stop, and his partner Jeff Dorn said in a release that Mick saved his life. 

K-9 Mick (Portland Police Bureau Image)

4. A 4-year-old German shepherd named Caeser served three tours of duty overseas before transferring to the NYPD to patrol the Subways with his partner Juan Rodriguez, making him the first military service dog to work with the department. With experience in high-stress situations, the gritty NY subway beat would no doubt be a breeze. 

(NYPD Image)

5. Mountain View, Calif. K-9 Zeus has made headlines time and again for his incredible nose – sniffing out all kinds of drugs for the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team. He’s snagged over 1,095 pounds of marijuana, 5 pounds of methamphetamine, and 7.6 pounds of cocaine, and he's not ready to retire just yet. 

Zeus celebrates his victory. (Photo courtesty Facebook)

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