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Special Report: The D-Block and Law Enforcement

The attempt to clear the D-Block for emergency communications has been a long and winding path. This Special PoliceOne Report is a collection of articles on the challenges and progress toward that goal.

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The D-Block, public safety, and a tipping point Have we finally reached a meaningful moment in the movement toward reallocation of the 700 MHz D-Block to public safety? Full Story
Fighting for a national interoperable public safety communications network The FCC still wants to auction off the D-Block to a commercial wireless carrier but the Public Safety Alliance, APCO, and others are gaining steam in opposition Full Story
FCC unveils D-Block plan The Federal Communications Commission has officially unveiled an audacious $20 billion, 10-year plan to build a new, low-cost national wireless broadband network. Chief William Bratton, LAPD (ret.) says of the effort to build a nationwide public safety wireless broadband network, “If we don’t get that D-Block now, we’ll never get it.” Full Story
The slow march toward interoperable communications A brief history of the effort to build a nationwide interoperable broadband communications network for public safety, including when the D-Block’s famous failure to sell at FCC Auction vaulted the matter into the consciousness of people up and down the chain of command Full Story
Experts address hot communications topics at APCO D-Block, 700 MHz, LTE, and mobile broadband take center stage Full Story
The D-Block debacle Finger-pointing and recriminations aside, the fact is that a much needed national interoperable communications network – conspicuously absent on September 11th 2001 and again during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005 – remains undone more than decade since it was first proposed Full Story

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Transform the Business of Government Cisco TelePresence enables government agencies to address these challenges head on, through high definition video communications. From the laptop to the immersive room based systems and everywhere in-between, telepresence technology can expedite decision making, connect a geographically dispersed workforce and break down the barriers for inter and intra agency communication. Full Story

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